3 Simple steps

1. From 9 weeks* onwards you will have an ultrasound scan and blood test.

2. Your blood sample is sent to the laboratory for analysis.

3. Your result is available 10 to 12 working days* later.

* Depending on laboratory chosen

The Panorama NIPT (Non-invasive prenatal testing) Test, analyses cell-free DNA circulating in the pregnant mother’s blood. It is a new option in prenatal screening for chromosome syndromes.

This test can be requested for any singleton pregnancy

Your appointment will include a blood test and an ultrasound scan to confirm dates and viability.

A simple blood draw from the mother’s arm is then performed and this sample is shipped directly to the USA and results are back in 10 to 12 days*. If your result is not reassuring, Prof. Malone or Prof. Daly will arrange to call you to discuss the results in detail and advise you of further testing and consultation.

This consultation is available to you regardless of where in our network of Practioners your Fetal DNA test was performed. We have a network of GPs and Consultant Obstetricians around the country providing this service. Look at our map of Ireland to find your nearest provider.

The test

DNA from the fetus circulates in the mother’s blood.Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) results from the natural breakdown of fetal cells (presumed to be mostly placental) and clears from the maternal system within hours of giving birth.

During a pregnancy, cfDNA can be tested to give the most accurate screening approach in estimating the risk of a fetus having a common chromosome condition sometimes called a trisomy. This occurs when there are three copies of a particular chromosome instead of the expected two. The test looks to detect the following trisomies:


Panorama NIPT price is € 430.00

Trisomy 21

Is the most common trisomy at the time of birth. Also called Down syndrome, it is associated with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities and may also lead to digestive disease, congenital heart defects and other malformations.

Trisomy 18 & 13

Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) and Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome) are associated with a high rate of miscarriage. These babies are born with severe brain abnormalities and often have congenital heart defects as well as other birth defects. Most affected individuals die before or soon after birth, and very few survive beyond the first year of life.

Sex chromosome conditions

The sex chromosomes (X and Y) determine whether we are male or female. X and Y chromosome conditions occur when there is a missing, extra, or incomplete copy of one of the sex chromosomes. The Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing procedure can assess risk for XXX, XYY, XXYY, XXY (Klinefelter syndrome), and a missing X chromosome in a girl (Turner syndrome).

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