At Evie you will always find something that fits your needs, from Total Care Package to Once-off screenings, we put all our mums at the heart of what we do. This is the start of a new life! A new life for you, for those around you & a new life being welcomed into the world. We’ll make your journey as magical as possible.

Evie’s Total Care Package

With Evie’s Total Care Package you will get full-service care from a top team of pregnancy specialists including midwifes & consultants at EVIE and offsite access to dieticians and physiotherapists. We’ll be there for you throughout the whole journey, from initial screening to 3 months post-pregnancy.

  • Helping you plan with a recommended dietitian a healthy well-balanced diet that works for your dietary needs to ensure you eat well during pregnancy.
  • Helping you develop an exercise routine with our recommended physiotherapists for good health, posture, prevention & treatment of backpain and for recovery after birth of your baby.
  • Wisdom, advice and support on breastfeeding from your lactation consultant.
  • Guidance and reassurance from our midwives during pregnancy and the postnatal period.
  • At each antenatal visit there will be a consultation with a midwife and your consultant.
  • If required there is access to world class prenatal screening, diagnosis and management.
  • Advice when you need it – As well as antenatal visits to our modern facilities in the Beacon Sandyford, you will be able to reach specialists by phone and email. You’ll also have exclusive access to our online tools and our Evie Facebook community.
  • Your choice of maternity hospital – Register in the maternity hospital of your choice and feel at ease throughout your journey knowing you have the full range of pregnancy care treatments and specialists you need here at Evie in the Beacon Sandyford.
  • Your consultant choice: You will be able to choose from one of our experts consultants*.

    Send us your details, prefered consultant & hospital and We will be in touch soon with your tailored Total Care Package.

    *Package price may vary based on consultant selected.