Initially following a caesarean section, pain and itching in the wound are common during the healing process. However moving, stretching and lifting too soon can possibly cause a reopening of the wound.

Bleeding from the wound, discoloured discharge, excessive/increasing pain or foul odours are all reasons to seek medical attention. Antibiotics can be used to treat a wound infection if caught early.

Rest is important after a caesarean section, eating meals slowly, increasing water intake, avoiding spicy or fatty foods as you will need to avoid bloating, wind or constipation. Do not over-stretch, lift heavy objects, or use a vacuum cleaner in the first 4-6 weeks.

Use caution driving following a caesarean section. Some insurance policies may mandate a specific time but many don’t.

In this case you need to be sure you can do an emergency stop, so sit behind the wheel and brake hard and if you feel no pain then it is very reasonable to drive. This is usually about three to four weeks for most women.